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Booking process

How can I apply for an apartment?

To apply:

  1. If a unit becomes available, it will be published on our website. To see the availability click on the 'Book Now' button. If there are any units published, it will give you the opportunity to apply for it right away. We work with a first come first serve principle. 
  2. Once confirmed, you will receive a link and temporary password to sign up. You can then change your password directly.
  3. You will be prompted to upload documents (incl. copy of identification and proof of enrolment or employer’s statement and copy contract) NOTE: It is not possible for you to update your personal details. If you wish to change them, please let us know at, and we will update them for you.
  4. We will then approve these documents and send you an invitation to pay the deposit for your apartment (please pay the deposit within 48 hours of receiving the invitation)
  5. We will be notified when the deposit is paid. We will then send you the contract to sign digitally. Please complete signing the contract within 48 hours.
  6. After you have signed the contract digitally, we will countersign it and send you a copy signed by both parties.
What documents do I need to provide for my application?

You will need the following:
• Proof of student status (previous or current)
• Valid identification document
• Proof of employment status: 

  • Employment contract – indefinite period (if you are eligible for the lower deposit, also provide a salary slip (max. 3 months old)
  • Employment contract – temporary contract in combination with an employer’s statement

• Proof of enrolment with the chamber of commerce (minimum 1 year)
• Recent profit and loss statement (maximum 3 months old)

Can I see the apartment floorplans?

Of course. These are available to view here.

Can I view a model apartment?

We are very happy to show you any apartment, if available. It is of course possible to schedule a viewing of the rest of the property, including the courtyard, service desk etc. Please contact

Is there an interest list?

Yes, you can register for our interest list. The interest list is to keep you updated on any news about MB275; however, this is not a waiting list and will not give you priority to book a studio. Please check the availability frequently on the website; first come first serve. 

What happens after I have signed my contract?

We will contact you to confirm your move-in date (most likely in the first or second week after your official lease start date. This is to allow a few days for our team to complete any repairs or maintenance required). The first month’s rent will start on the date specified in your contract as the lease start date.

What types of contracts are possible at MB275?

Young Professional contract: from a minimum of 1 year to a maximum 5-year stay, after which a notice period of 1 calendar month applies.

How do I stop my rental agreement? Can I do this in my first year?

After the minimum stay of 12 months, you can give notice one calendar month in advance (minimum) by sending an email to the Service Desk. Please note that your termination is only final after you have received a written confirmation from MB275. Please check the General Terms & Conditions.


Do I need a housing permit?

To rent an apartment at MB275 you will need to apply for a housing permit with the municipality of The Hague. Note that you will need this permit before you move in to MB275. Find out more one the municipality website.

Can someone else guarantee my application, as I can’t meet the income requirements?

No, we cannot accept guarantors unfortunately.

If I suddenly become unemployed, can I still live at MB275?

Yes, so long as you can still afford the monthly rent including comfort and facility costs.

What are the qualification criteria for MB275?

To rent at MB275 you must be:
- Aged 18 to 27 (at move-in date)
- Be working or studying

How do we prevent housing discrimination?

When allocating our homes, we use robust and tested processes that are aimed at preventing housing discrimination. We make every effort to ensure that no unjustified distinction is made between prospective tenants when renting out our properties. One of the ways we do this is by training our employees about what is and isn't the selective criteria, for example we have some homes which are allocated as student accommodation only. More detail can be found in the section: ‘Objective selection criteria’.

When we work with third parties to offer housing, we also ensure that they also have robust processes in place that are aimed at preventing housing discrimination. Furthermore, we regularly assess whether our policies have the desired outcome in practice and whether our processes can or should be further adapted and tightened.

If you would like to raise with us any feedback or concerns in regards to our policies and processes we would love to hear from you. Please contact us via e-mail:

Below we explain in more detail the processes we have in place.

First come first served

In principle, we work on a first come first served basis when offering our homes. We use a digital and automated system to do this. The prospective tenant who was the first to register for the property (completing all relevant forms and confirmed via email) will be accepted in the first instance.* The prospective tenant’s application is then checked it meets the objective selection criteria that applies to the property applied for.

If the prospect meets the objective selection criteria, a rental agreement will be concluded with them in principle. However, this is dependent on previous experience with the prospective tenant. We reserve the right not to enter into a rental agreement if we find there have been previous negative experiences in relation to the prospect.

If no rental agreement is concluded with the first accepted prospect, we will inform the person/persons by e-mail and outline the reasons for this decision. The property is then advertised again and the above outlined process begins again. 

*Note: the accepted prospect is provisionally accepted pending final checks and supply of all information requested.

Exceptions to the above process:

In the past, one development in Diemen, had a waiting list. Prospects could be placed on the waiting list via an application form. If a property became available, the prospect highest on the list was approached first (e.g. prospect numbered 1). We are no longer accepting new prospects on to this waiting list.

Due to the contractual obligations of this waiting list, whilst there are still ‘active’ prospects on the waiting list (i.e. prospects are still interested in renting a property at this location), housing will be allocated to the suitable prospective tenant with the highest rank. Once there are no longer any ‘active’ prospects on this list, this waiting list will no longer be in operation and we will revert to the first come first served principle at the Diemen location.

Objective selection criteria

When assessing whether a prospect is suitable, we use objective selection criteria. When a property is advertised, we state which criteria applies to that property so that all prospects can make an informed decision as to whether they are a suitable tenant for this type of property.

The criteria may vary from property to property. An example would be student accommodation. If a property is intended for students, the conditions are that the prospect is enrolled at an educational institution and is actively studying. Some of our properties require a Housing Permit and this is stated. If a property requires a Housing Permit, a prospect must be eligible for the permit outlined.

Greystar will never request information about or select prospective tenants on the basis of ethnic or cultural background, religious identity, political preference, sexual orientation or physical/mental health.


What is the apartment base rent?

Base rents exclude service costs and vary per apartment type. Click here for an overview of actual rents per apartment type.

Are you 23 years old or older? Then you may be eligible for housing allowance. This is dependent on your income and your private capital. For more information see: here

What is included in my monthly fee?

We offer more than just rental apartments at MB275. For a monthly service charge on top of the base rent you will have access to a range of onsite amenities including a gym and roof terrace. This fee also covers the maintenance and cleaning of the common areas, as well as electricity, water, internet, flooring and furniture. Go to our services charges page for more information about these costs.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit is 2 times the base rent.

What do I pay for utilities (water, heating and electricity) in my apartment?

Water, heating and electricity is arranged collectively, so you pay a lower price. An advance payment is included in the monthly rent and will be settled every year, based on your actual use.

Will the rent increase every year?

The rent increases are legally defined. Every year in April you will receive a letter with the annual increase as per the following July.

How much is the application fee?

The application fee is €100. Once your application is finalised, this application fee will be refunded, by means of balancing out with the €100 move-in fee (so there is no additional amount to be paid at move-in). MB275 reserves the right to deny an application. If the application is denied on grounds other than those mentioned in the qualification criteria (FAQ), we will refund the full application fee.

Your apartment

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed at MB275.

Can I smoke in my apartment?

Smoking is prohibited inside MB275, in both your apartment and communal areas. It is possible to smoke on your private balcony (if applicable), and in the designated areas in the courtyard.

Can I live with someone in my apartment?

Yes, this is allowed for apartments bigger than 30sqm. Note: this person must also register for the apartment. All apartments are furnished with just one bed, so they are only suitable for couples. See our floorplans to check their suitability, as not all apartments over 30sqm have a separate bedroom area. There will be one main tenant, and one co-occupant. For the co-occupant we charge an additional fee for the use of utilities, and facilities. 
Note: the maximum income for the housing permit applies to the combined income.

Can I invite my friends and family to visit?

Of course. The common areas are however only accessible by MB275 tenants.

Can I sublet my apartment?

No, this is not permitted. Failure to adhere to this rule may lead to the immediate termination of your contract and a high financial penalty, as described in the General Terms & Conditions.

Can I make any changes to my apartment?

Yes of course, feel free to decorate your apartment according to your taste. However, you are not permitted to drill holes in the walls. All apartments are furnished with picture rails, so you can hang your favourite artwork.

For your safety, all apartments have a smoke detector. It is strictly prohibited to manipulate the smoke detectors.

Are the apartments all furnished?

All apartments have high quality PVC flooring, wall finishing, picture rails and curtain rails, and are fully furnished. The furniture package is adjusted based on the apartment type and size. For example, some apartments have a lounge chair instead of a couch and the size of the wardrobe can vary. Apartments also include a (desk) table with one, two or four chairs. Check the floorplans to see what furniture is included in each apartment type.

Can I have guests sleep over in my apartment?

Of course, it is permitted for guests to stay occasionally, as long as no nuisance is caused. Please note that you are fully responsible for your guests.

I am leaving my apartment for more than 2 weeks, what should I do?

If you are planning to leave your apartment for longer than two weeks, please empty your fridge/freezer, dispose your garbage, unplug all electrical devices, close your windows and turn your heating down. We would appreciate it if you could inform the Service Desk via email if you are planning to leave for more than two weeks.

Amenity spaces

Is there internet available in the common areas?

No, only in the apartments.

Is there secured parking for my bicycle, car, scooter and/or motorbike?

Yes, there is one covered bicycle spot reserved per apartment. We also offer a limited number of car and scooter parking spots for rent.

Are there facilities for children?

No, MB275 does not offer any facilities for children. Our apartments are not designed for people with children.

Is the building secure?

The building entrance doors have electronic locks, and the building itself is secured with cameras (24/7). Our professional security team also undertakes several patrols of the building in the evenings and at night.

Can I live sustainably at MB275?

MB275 was built in the 1970s and converted into a modern living space for students and young professionals – more sustainable than demolition. All electricity used at MB275 - both in our apartments and to charge the electric cars – is green (either wind or solar). The building also has led-lights only.